Production and Facilities

Our aim in our factory is to produce a quality product in a mass production process with lean production, by taking into consideration the components that vary according to the order.

By using just in time production method, we try to restrain unnecessary production and producing with the awareness of timely production, in our sheet metal processing unit consisting of CNC and NC machines, in our 47 meter electrostatic powder coating furnace, in our epoxy casting unit (Passage insulator is being produced), in our 60 meter long cubicle assembly line and in our concrete kiosk manufacturing unit.

Our products are controlled and tested in the manufacturing phase with the tests:

  70 kV voltage test,

  40 kV partial discharge test,

  5 kV voltage test,

  3x2500 A current test,

  Main circuit resistance test.

Quality Material

We use the highest quality materials within our production and from our suppliers.

Large production area

We continue to produce in our factory located in Anadolu OSB.

Competent Personnel

We are a team of specialized personnel in our technical and administrative staff.