About Us

AYSAN ELECTRIC Inc. was established in 1989. Our company has been offering the most reliable switchgear systems to its customers for years as the medium voltage switchgear partner of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, one of the most trusted and sought-after brands all over the world with its quality. Our innovative and participatory business approach in production, management and marketing, together with our investments in quality, product development and the use of new production technologies, will continue uninterruptedly in the future as it has been until today.

AYSAN ELEKTRİK A.Ş, which has maintained its tradition of production without compromising on quality with its experienced staff and wide machine park since its establishment, has taken a step towards institutionalization by creating an integrated ÇİSK quality management system within its body.

Our company adds the consumed materials into the recycling ring and ensures that they are used as raw materials again. In parallel with the increase in the human population, the increasing consumption disrupts the natural balance by giving what we take from nature back to nature. However, the use of recyclable materials as raw materials again makes it possible to save a large amount of energy and prevents environmental pollution from increasing day by day. We have taken our place in the recycling project because of our responsibility to our environment-nature, the national economy and ourselves.

Corporate Values

Integrity and Business EthicsAll our business processes are based on these two values. Aysan Elektrik we fulfill the measure of these values sensitively at every stage of our work. 
Compliance with the LawWe have gained and experienced the awareness of producing according to legal regulations over the years. Realizing that we have to achieve certain standards, we continue our production processes meticulously accordingly.
Privacy The confidentiality and privacy of all kinds of personal and commercial information that we obtain about our company, our employees, suppliers, customers and business partners, competitors and other companies, institutions and organizations with which we are in contact, which are not known to third parties, and which, if known, may harm the company and its stakeholders or benefit those who know, is essential. We use such information only for professional purposes required by the business and in accordance with the legislation and contract terms.
Being Production Oriented We are focused only on production in line with our basic principles, avoiding all kinds of damaging human and corporate relations. In addition, we pay utmost attention to corporate values within the company. We put forward a transparent management in order to realize practices that may be beneficial for our employees. We always maintain our diligence to make decisions based on a certain majority, taking into account the basic needs of everyone.

ARGE : Our Research and Development activities are carried out by our engineers taking into account innovative values. Our work on this scale continues in parallel with our production.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission, Production infrastructure will be strengthened and production quality in accordance with European standards will be achieved. Quality assurance and quality control mechanisms will be strengthened and zero error system will be targeted. Customer satisfaction will be prioritized and planned steps will be taken for service and technical support. Continuity of business and personnel training will be ensured.

Our VisionAll decisions to be taken and all applications to be made by our company will be in accordance with the goal of "AYSAN ELEKTRİK" brand to be a safe and recognized brand in the national and international market.


Environment Occupational Health and Quality Policy

  • To make its management approach, continuous development philosophy, managements and systems compliant with the ENVIRONMENT, OHS and QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in all processes and to continuously improve its effectiveness, to make all personnel internalize it and to increase its market share, profitability, competitiveness, environmental and risk control in this direction.

  • We act with the awareness of modern management and with the idea that employees constitute the essence of our organization, and we comply with occupational health and safety rules. Our employees are valuable to us.

  •  In all the work we have done so far and in all the work we will do in the future, we work with the desire to do quality work, first time, on time and always right.
  • During all kinds of service activities; We try to provide all kinds of protection in order not to harm the ecological balance, to prevent negative effects on the health of our employees and people who will be affected by our activities, to control accidents, damage and dangers that may occur to our own and other persons' property and property at the very beginning.
  • We monitor occupational health and safety hazards with the same sensitivity and make the necessary efforts to minimize them.

  • We work for the development of environmental awareness of relevant parties.

  • We ensure that wastes are minimized at the source, reused and recycled if possible, and that wastes that cannot be evaluated are disposed of by appropriate methods.

  • We strive to ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources.

  • We work transparently to continuously develop and improve our Environment, OHS and Quality management system.

  • We follow the technological innovations in the sector simultaneously with the world, in line with the principle of transparency, we undertake to meet the needs and expectations of the relevant parties in accordance with the requirements of the Environment, OHS and quality management system with our management staff and trained modern personnel.